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Which Shapewear works best?

The use of a shapewear to create a desirable waistline and accentuate the “hourglass” curve has existed since the 16th century, the Victorian age. With the technical development, unlike those painful items in the past, the shapewear of today is both functional and comfortable. Many celebrities like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé are using it, which could a best example and proof. 


Nowadays, shapewears hold many design and styles on the market and women have a lot of available options. With so many styles to choose from, it's hard to know which ones could be really adequate and can actually offer tummy control or can help create the waistline. To get the most adequate one for your body, you need to figure out one question to find what outcome do you want?


What outcome do you want?

The outcome you are going for decides the compression, or the level control of of your shapewear. Most shapewear pieces include a combination of Spandex, nylon or polyester together to give support to the stomach, waistline, busts or chest. There are three levels of control from light, moderate to the firm for the most of brands or ultra-firm for some of brands. Light to moderate control can smooth trouble spots effectively but it won’t shape your figure. If you are looking for a garment that you want to wear every day, this level could definitely work for you. With supple and stretchy fabrics, firm or ultra-firm will accentuate your curves and shape your figure into “hourglass”. If you are looking for an effective body shaper or planning to a special occasion that you want to look amazing in, this level is the one you are looking for. If you want one for a special occasion under a slinky dress, you may be able to tolerate a much higher level of support for a few hours than your daily workout. However, make sure you also feel comfortable and breathable during your wear in the firm or ultra-firm shapewear. Don’t forget to get hours of comfort from these firm control pieces. All shapewear which you could search or buy online comes with different levels, make sure you know your own desire and buy the adequate level you are looking for.


When you find out your achievable outcomes, choose a proper size is very important to avoid associated risks. The too small size will put stress on organs and nerves, which will hurt and discomfort you a lot. The body shaper is made in sizes that complement the outerwear size chart. Choose one according to your own measurements.


After getting your own shapewear, you may want to check the result of wearing the shapewear immediately. However, even though you choose the most adequate one for your body, it doesn’t mean you can control tummy and shape figure immediately. The adequate shapewear is important, but it isn’t all of shaping the figure. How you are going to wear and how you going to train with this shapewear are also things we have to pay attention during the daily.