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VIP Privilege

The website of the new upgrade reform on May 4th, 2017, the rules have changed.

The original SVIP Price name changed to VIP Price; and the original VIP to the new version site of the original price.

NOTICE: The name of the price grade to be modified, but enjoy the benefits and discounts remain unchanged.

Satisfy the following conditions to become our VIP

1. Over $3000USD in one order

2. All orders in one month over $5000USD

3. Total amounts over $10000USD in 3 months

(Note:AS long as meet one of them, you can become our VIP)

The Privileges of VIP

1. Enjoy the Biggest Discount(More discounts than common members)

2. Exclusive products( Products priority sell to you)

3. The first one to enjoy the new style products

4. Priority delivery(When appear inventory shortage, your order will be sent first)

5. Enjoy more professional service,wonderful service