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Return Policy

Welcome to Burvogue.com. We have a QA team to test that your ordered products are functioning correctly before they are packed and sent to you, so our product quality is guaranteed.we make a return policy, please have a look before you place order.

1.Defect in products, unusable

Don‘t accept refunds & exchange unless there is a defect in the items that makes it unusable.

2.Poor quality of Products
We accept refunds if the goods are confirmed for poor quality.

3.Wrong Size

Do not accept refund & exchange for size.

4.Color Difference

Because of lighting, there will be color difference of actual color and photo color.we do not refund for color difference.

5. Individual defective product

We accept refund & exchange for individual defective product in your order.


If the goods have poor quality problems, please provide relevant evidence to us after receipt of the goods within a week. In the case of not wear and wash, the evidence can prove that the goods do have quality problems, and that related products we can provide a refund, we are responsible for the inferior of the products of the freight, if the goods are not quality problems, but the size, color difference or the guests do not like the reason etc.. We generally do not accept returns, but if customers are willing to pay the return freight, we will accept a return and refund.

How to return items?

If you are returning item because it is defective, or because of a mistake on our part, please feel free to contact us and we will accept return goods & exchange.

1 The product must be post-marked no later than 7 business days from the day you received it, at this time you need to inform us if you want to return & exchange, including your order NO. and the reason you want to return or exchange. If the goods have been defective,

2 The goods should be return in perfect condition in the original packaging indicating whether you require a full refund or exchange. Due to the nature of our products hosiery cannot be accepted for refund if the item has been used or the package opened.

3 After we confirm that you can return the goods by EMS,DHL, and you must email us with a tracking number after your product has been sent out.

4 After we received the goods which you return, then we will process the refund or exchange for you. We accept paypal refund the amount.

Please contact our Contact Us for further help. We will do our very best to help you.