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Do body shapers help you lose weight?

The body shaper, with the “corset” as a former name, has been popular between nobles around since the Victorian times but it suddenly comes into the public view overnight as one of the hottest lifestyles on the Internet. As the effect of slimming and shaping, many celebrities like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé bring this fashion trend of hourglass curves back. The body shaper seems like their hidden secret in gaining the hourglass figure. The super-hot trend always comes into public view together with many disputes and controversies. If you’ve never tried the body shaper before, you must have tons of questions about it. As a customer or a potential customer, the most desirable and confused question must be, do body shapers really help me lose weight?


The body shaper is a high-compression shaping garment to reduce your natural waist size, shape your waist line, accentuate your hips and supplement your fitness goals. It can even work and show its abilities in correcting the posture and stabilizing core muscles. As we know the working principal of the body shaper, how can we reply the answer above now? Does the body shaper really help me lose weight? YES, IT DOES. The body shaper can’t magically melt your fat in an instance, it could definitely help you lose weight.


Fat is only lost through our own internal heat, when your energy expenditure exceeds your energy intake, which your daily consume fewer calories than you burn. In that case, the body shaper doesn’t work in losing the weight on a direct way, but it could provide assistances in losing weight and shrinking waist in a healthy and effective manner. For a long-term, body shapers can work as a tool and a motivation to become slimmer and to get a healthier lifestyle.


Healthy Eating

The body shaper serves as a reminder to eat less. It could help reduce your appetite and amount you eat at meal times, so it makes you less hungry and reduces your calorie intake. If you are the one who can’t control yourself in eating, the body shaper may be your helpful tool to restrict the stomach and make it impossible to overeat. Eating healthy is more important than eating less. Find more healthy food, eliminate extra calories, like snack foods and change your eating habits into a healthy way.


Healthy Exercises

Fat is not bad thing, but it has to be on the good position on your body. The concept of “waist training” need to be mentioned here to supplement the basics of body shapers. Waist training is a practice or a process that involves wearing the body shaper to slim your physique. Nowadays, many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose also include the waist trainings into their training workout plan together with the others aerobic exercises and strength trainings. Waist training photos are full of their Instagram. Wearing the body shaper is helpful in burning more calories in your training, reducing the size of your waist and enhancing the hourglass shape.