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The Dos and Don'ts of Buying and Wearing Lingerie

The lingerie, used called as corset, has been popular between nobles since the Victorian times but it seems to be the one of the hottest lifestyles of celebrities suddenly overnight for its effect of slimming and shaping. Promotions and posts of lingerie including Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé are full of screen and the top five waist training and lingerie related topics have been tagged in over million posts. This super-hot trend always comes into public view together with many disputes and controversies. Each coin has two sides, as with any products, there are both benefits and risks. When we facing the lingerie, the most important is to have a correct understanding about its concept, know how to properly buy and use them.


Dos and Don’ts of Buying Lingerie

Choose a lingerie is always the first step. With this hot popular trend, customers now have a lot of available options in lingerie’s designs and styles on the market. With so many styles to choose from, for finding the most adequate and useful one for controlling tummy, size, material and level control you want are the most important things to consider during your purchases.


Almost all the lingerie on the market is designed in sizes that complement the outwear size chart. Choose a proper size is very important to avoid associated risks and guarantee the better effectiveness and comfort. Follow the professional instruction to do right measurement and choose the true size according to your own measurements. Getting the wrong size can dispel all benefits it might have given you. The tighter size would push the fat into the wrong way, make you feeling discomfort and even lead to health problems. The larger size will be comfortable but useless. The well-fitting lingerie will be helpful in achieving and maintaining your long-term slimming goals for adequate hours.


Most of lingerie is typically made of Latex, so those with allergies should be especially cautious. If you may have an allergy, a tank top could be put under the trainer.

Level Control

Most Lingerie pieces include a combination of Spandex, nylon or polyester for giving support to the stomach, waistline, busts or chest. There are three levels of control from light, moderate to the firm for the most of brands or ultra-firm for some of brands. The level control, or the compression of the lingerie could be decided by your daily needs or the outcome you desire.


Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Lingerie

Putting on a fitting lingerie is a plausible way to stop mindless eating, but we can’t blindly pursue goals and ignore health either. For a long-term, lingerie can work as a tool and a motivation to become slimmer and to get a healthier lifestyle. It is possible to have hourglass figure and comfortable status at the same time. Therefore, we have to pay extra attention to its daily usage and here is one tip for getting the best result.

Listen to your body

When you are in your first contact, leave time for your body to adjust. As a new user to the waist trainer, increase the wearing time step by step. As you feel better and your body becomes familiarized with the waist trainer, the wearing time could gradually increase to eight hours a day. Whenever you feel uncomfortable with your waist trainer, loose it and take if off completely. An uncomfortable garment is not the magic way you need to lose excess belly fat.