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Which One Is The Best For You?

Every woman wants to get a beautiful curve,but they don’t know how to choose a waist cincher to sculpture their waist.Great effect sometimes depends on the size and construction.Right size and great corset can model your waist successfully in a short period.We offer a wide range of latex corset to you,you can choose the style you needed.


Steel boned waist trainer is made of elastic latex fabric,comfortable and durable.This corset with 4 steel boned to reduce and control your waist successfully.It is very flexible,recommended to wear during exercise to keep your posture.Smooth to touch and wear,lining at cotton material to protect your skin from rashes.Just available black color at Burvogue.com.

Latex waist cincher is superior in quality,with 9 steel bones to shape your waist effectively.Flexible trait makes it very suitable to wear on a daily basis,and also perfect to wear under any type of casual shirts and outwears to improve your posture.But this corset is not recommended to wear during the sports due to the number of steel bones.Available for two color to achieve your perfect curve.

Latex waist training corset with 25 steel bones to provide firm control to your waist.This corset is sturdy,not recommended to wear while you are playing sports.Small hook and eye can be adjusted easily to fit your own waist.High compression can give you a good posture.Cotton lining make it comfortable to protect your skin.Everyday control with this corset can get a slimming waist instantly.