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Enjoy Your Perfect Curve With Steampunk Corset


Gothic steampunk corset is one of our most popular items.Why is it so popular?Let me introduce some details to you.

This overbust corset tops is made of thicken jacquard fabric,with decorative golden chain to give you a noble and retro look.And this fabric is very comfortable and durable for everyday wear.Features front ring buckle,plays an important role to highlight your waist and flatten your tummy.Especially strong spiral steel boned provides targeted firm control to reduce and sculpture your entire waist.It is more flexible than other plastic boned,helps you to get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting,shaping and slimming your body and waist.Adjustable back shoelace ties can be adjusted easily to work tightly and effectively to your waist.Steampunk overbust corset has a modesty panel in the back,it can give you a special feeling.And this corset is perfect to match any type of steampunk skirts.

Steel boned overbust corset is ideal for waist training for hourglass figure and specially designed to elitimate muffin top.We can guarantee the quality on each products,and you can register to enjoy our VIP price.We can accept customized to meet your customer’s needs and requirements.Don’t hesitate to contact us!