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Types of Waist Trainers and Cinchers

Waist cinchers come in different types depending on their style, material and construction. Which is the best waist trainer cincher? That would again all depend on your particular goals and situation. Here are some of the most common waist training corsets:

Latex waist trainer cinchers – If you are just starting waist training, these corsets are for you. Latex waist cinchers are considered to be the “beginner” corsets. The material is made of latex with none to very few boning used in the structure. Latex waist training corsets are the best choice for waist training workouts and gym exercises. Because of the latex material the drawback is that your body would have some difficulty to breathe through the corset, causing sweat. Due to their less sturdy structure these corsets could wrinkle easily, causing the wrinkles also to be visible from under your clothing.

 Fabric waist trainer cinchers – In comparison to latex waist cinchers, these types of corsets are much less flexible. Fabric waist cinchers are usually constructed out of multiple levels of fabric, making them more rigid. Although less flexible, the advantage to using this type of corset is that your skin is allowed to breathe through the fabric. One other advantage is that because of their rigidness these corset waist cinchers would keep your back straight and waist tight. That helps with improving your posture, and better defining your curves. These corsets tend to reduce your waist size in shorter time. Corset waist cinchers don’t normally have the visible-wrinkles problem as the ones made from latex.

Laced corsets waist trainers – These types of corsets use lace ribbons on the back of the corset to adjust their tightness. These corsets resemble the Victorian era corsets seen in some old pictures. Using this type of corset, you would tighten the laces over time to increase constrains as you shape your body to your goal size.

Custom made corsets – These corsets are tailored specific to your body shape and size. These corset waist cinchers are usually the higher-end type and more costly. You may consider a customized waist cincher if you are advanced in your waist training efforts. These corsets offer more comfort and control to support your waist training goals since they are constructed specifically for you.