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Get An Hourglass Body Shape With 4 Steel Boned Shapewear

High waist body shaper reduces the waist line. Ideal for using with our 4 steel boned shapewear for a complete and finished look and improve posture.

The way this 4 steel boned shapewear works is simple: firm compression fabric keeps your entire midsection smooth and under control so that whatever top you're wearing falls smoothly, the way it's designed to. This shaper can also improve your posture, making you look instantly longer and leaner. Flexi-boning supports your spine, gently lifting and lengthening your torso for a slim, sexy, poised look. This garment provides an instant makeover so stunning, you'll hardly want to leave the house without it.

Tone your abdominal muscles and make them stronger.Shape your hips and butt area The objective is to increase curves and reduce waist size. Exercise and diet are two sure ways to develop an hourglass body shape. To get the curvy look of the hourglass you’ll need to lose fat at the right places and tone your muscles. How to get an hourglass figure faster? Also consider using waist training corsets and hourglass shapewear, the right way!