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Why do you choose our latex corset?


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Don't "waist" any more time! Reshaping your waistline is a cinch with the Burvogue Latex Waist Cincher. The waist cincher immediately creates a beautiful curvy shape sculpting inches off of your midsection. This high compression shapewear smoothens the silhouette and instantly removes inches from the waist and abdomen through the power of firm compression. The waist cincher is supported with hook-and-eye closures down the center of the abdomen.

This is also a posture-improving piece that supports your spine. The latex waist cincher rises to just below the breast so you can wear it with your favorite bra. Perfectly pairing form and function, the Latex Waist Cincher compresses without sacrificing comfort. Use it every day, or pull it out for those extra special occasions. Whatever your purpose, you can confidently count on a flawless figure every time you wear this flattering garment.

Why do you choose our latex corset? Burvogue offers latex waist cincher with high quality, with an aim to "To see is to believe", Burvogue is an online B2B Lingerie shopping mall that offers unique, custom-made and professional services with distinctive style.