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What is the best corset for you?


This waist training corset really works for almost every body type. It is short and very curvy with 9 spiral and flat steel bones. The 8″ length allows this to fit most body types as your underbust and upper hip measurements are less of a factor (unless you have a VERY short torso…then this will fit you beautiful and  fits someone with a standard torso). Excellent option to wear when you need more mobility while engaged in waist training.

This corset is designed for an average torso length and someone with less natural curve, especially at the hip. The SC80011A  is about ten inches  long with a moderate curve. and 10 spiral and flat steel bones. If you have little to no hip to waist ratio-this is the best corset for you (until you train your waist down and  move into a curvier style)

This piece of gorgeous is the overbust of the shaper corset, also boasting plastic bones. You will have the appropriate range of cup sizes (which depends on the corset size) to don this stunning corset.

Choose the compression that's right for your body: the waist trainer corset has three zipper, providing the perfect fit and allowing you to increase the tightness as needed over time. The supportive latex also encourages you to stand straighter, helping to improve your posture and make you look more confident, every time you wear it.