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What Exactly Is Waist Training?



Wearing a corset, one reshapes or reduces waist measurement during waist training. Like shapewear, the corset is designed to condense the abdominal area while shaping it. The great thing about waist training is that while you instantly get a slimmer figure, you’re actually creating it yourself as well.

For others, they wear the corset in conjunction with exercise routine. However, majority of women nowadays sport them every day at home or at work.


Many girls are raving about corset not only because it has helped them reduce inches from their waistline, but also because it aids in improving body posture. Because of this, more and more women are experiencing less backaches at the end of a busy day.

Corsets also come in handy during winter season, as they keep the body warm when worn as an undergarment. Thanks to the corset’s material, which when pressed on the body for long hours, creates some sort of thermal activity.

So, can you train your waist? Based on user testimonials, yes, wearing a corset has helped them shed a few inches off their midsection. And as stated above, improvement on their posture and body temperature was impressive and satisfying. Take for example Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba – they won’t get hooked with waist trainers for no reason.