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Thin Fitness Waist Cinchers! A New Way of Training

Add support and relieve lower back muscles with this Unisex Body Shaper Thin Sports Waist Trainer Recovery Belt.Ideal for use in the gym and other fitness activities. Corrects posture, prevents herniated disc and or lumbar muscle sprains,and lower back pain. Provides preventative and theraputic support to avoid weightlifting related injuries while shaping controling and reducing the waist and abdomen. For men and women, available in Six colors.

It's A Cinch! Sports waist trainer is ideal for use in the gym, at work, running errands, or for a night out on the town. Inner plastiec boning provides lower back support and prevents the shaper from rolling down. Elastic thin Mesh fabric is breathable and light weight. 

1. The flexible and form fitting support moves with you and can be easily concealed under clothing.
2. Adjustable compression straps provide maximum comfort and support.
3. Reliable quality while super competitive price only us.
4. Velcro closure makes it effortless to put on and take off
5. Helps you maintain correct your posture through out the day
6. Easily adjustable band for comfort and waist reduction selection
10. Breathable thin mesh fabric, comfortable to wear.