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New Steel Boned Butt Lift Shaper

black-high-waist-4-steel-boned-butt-lift-shaper-wholesale-16065 (1) 4-steel-boned-butt-lift-shaper-wholesale-16065

Look Slimmer and Skinnier Instantly. Looks comfortable under any type of clothing. Flattens the tummy and controls the waist line. Shape and control your problem areas. Convenient for everyday tummy control. Front and Back Can Be Worn Under Any Type Of Clothing. Seamless. Hides Unsightly Bulges. Lifts And Holds problem areas. Black steel boned Butt lifters  is our new fashional shaper, you will feel good when you wear this shaper, it has excellent effect to abdomen and will make you a good S figure. Made of soft lace fabric, comfortable to wear. It has excellent effect to abdomen and will make you a good S figure, the 4 steel bones, more effective to control your waist.Double O design on butt's area, instantly shape a beautiful booty,make it stronger to shape your butt.


1. This shaper is comfortable to wear because of its material;

2. The close-fitting design makes you look sexy and hot, it will help your partner to be excited;

3. The fashional style will make you look pretty when you wear it, it's really a good choice to buy;

4. Lining:60%cotton+35%polyester