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How to select body shaper size?

Nowadays, the body shaper is considered as the key secret of hourglass curves by many celebrities like the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. It works so well that most celebrities even can’t stop showing photos of their own body shapers on the Instagram. The body shaper works like a part of their daily life and the fashion trend of using body shaper has been brought into the public view by them. As the hottest training trend on the Internet, many young people or big fans of amazing curve would like to follow or try it as well.


In that case, the first question facing is how to select an adequate body size? Getting the wrong size can dispel all benefits it might have given you. The larger size will be comfortable but useless, the smaller one will be uncomfortable but unhealthy. Different with traditional public views, the uncomfortable corset does not mean a gorgeous hourglass figure. Your body shaper could always be comfortable and effective at the same time by choosing the right one. Tips are listed in below for helping you to choose the best size of body shaper.  


1. Be realistic to your true size

Sometimes, it can’t be denied that women always have difficulties in facing the reality. For our opinions, there may be a sense of security or an illusion that the smaller size may be more helpful to get a more sculpted look. However, in the fact, this cognition will definitely lead you to an opposite result. If the body shaper is too tight, it would push the fat into the wrong way. Therefore, the smaller body shaper can not only make you feeling discomfort, but also looking bigger and awkward during your usage. Too tight shapewear also lead to health problems. The body shaper is made in sizes that complement the outerwear size chart. Be realistic and choose one according to your own measurements.


2. Do the right measurement

After we got a right and basic attitude towards to the body shaper, how to measure the shapewear size becomes a vital step in finding the right one. As mentioned below, all body shapers are made, tested in a sizing chart. Don’t decide your size only by guessing. In order to know which, one fits you best, take measurements on your hi-waist, waist, low-waist and hips with a tape held straight around the body, but without be stretched too tight. Encountering difficulties in the measurements, find assistances of friend or do it facing the mirror can be both helpful.


Hi-waist: Hold the tape three points above the narrowest part of waist

Waist: Measure the narrowest part of your waist

Low-waist: Hold the tape 12 cm below the waist

Hips: Measure the fullest part of the hips or at the point where your hips look widest.


Once you have taken your measurements, select the body shaper from the size chart. For new users, choose a larger size instead of a smaller one when you in between sizes.