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Nowadays,anyone can become an e-commerce businessman.Reach dozens billion social media users longing for products like us with social media posts. Here is a great business model for you to start with.With dropshipping,you can quickly set up your social network in minutes to do business.

Whether your shop is a hobby,side-hustle, or full-time effort,social medial makes it easy to promote your product to engage target customers!It is time to find a reliable supplier to start with droppings model.

1.Dropshipping Explained

2.Have You Ever Be Borthered By?

3.Burvogue Can Help You With .

4:How does dropshipping work on Burvogue?

Easy to start!Only if you have your independent business store or platform for marketing and selling.

Once a customer buys a product, you’ll be able to fulfill their order in our site. Fortunately, We automates this process. As the owner, all you have to do is write the details and click the “‘order”’ button. The product is then sent directly from our warehouse to the customer—wherever in the world they may be.


1:How much money do i invest in dropshipping ?

A:When you find us directly,it means that you have already had your dropshipping store or social sales pipelines.It is no need to pay extra fee.The only thing you have to invest is your energy in marketing.

2:How does your dropshipping work?

A:Firstly, you need to advertise our products (settled prices by adding shipping rates) on your online store, when you get orders,you place the order at our website www.burvogue.com.And please confirm your customers' address when doing the payment via PayPal.

Please refer to the above flow chart for easy understanding.

3:How can i tell if a product is a winning product?

A:We will strongly recommend you the hot selling or in-demand product for you to start.These product enjoys a good market in all platforms.But if you understand your market well,you can directly select the product from our website www.burvogue.com.

Now waisttrainer,shapewear,sexy lingerie enjoys a very good market.You can consider these collection to start.

4:What is the package?

A: We are able to print your brand logo on the package
B: If not ,we could provide the package without logo to dropshipping to your customer orders.

Attached are the picture for your reference:

5Would customer find out the end-supplier?Would your information shown on?

A: You can be assured that all supplier’s information will not shown on package,except MADE IN CHINA OR SHIPPED FROM CHINA.

6Do i have after-sales guarantee?

A:Defect in products, unusable

Dont accept refunds & exchange unless there is a defect in the items that makes it unusable.

B.Poor quality of Products

We accept refunds if the goods are confirmed for poor quality.

C.Wrong Size

Do not accept refund & exchange for size.

D.Color Difference

Because of lighting, there will be color difference of actual color and photo color.we do not refund for color difference.

E. Individual defective product

We accept refund & exchange for individual defective product in your order.


If the goods have poor quality problems, please provide relevant evidence to us after receipt of the goods within a week. In the case of not wear and wash, the evidence can prove that the goods do have quality problems, and that related products we can provide a refund, we are responsible for the inferior of the products of the freight, if the goods are not quality problems, but the size, color difference or the guests do not like the reason etc.. We generally do not accept returns, but if customers are willing to pay the return freight, we will accept a return and refund.

7:How do i convince customer to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping?

A: Customers are usually fine with waiting for shipping as long as they know what’s going on.We recommend you list all details on your store and make clear with your customer the exact process.Adding the shipping rate on the price you set and mark it as free shipping would make your customer feel comfortable to wait.So as soon as your customer gets an email saying their order has been shipped, it comes with a tracking number. And it comes with a way to track it. So, yes, 2 to 3 weeks isn’t ideal.

8:Customs and Taxes
We need to make a commercial invoice to help your items pass the customs.Usually we will marked declared cost at $2 each.However,there is customs and Taxes requirement by different countries.For further information,please consult with your local customs about the local Taxes.