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Can I lose weight by wearing a corset?

Can I lose weight by wearing a corset?

Celebrities, including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wear corsets to help them slim down, show their photos on the Instagram and lead this corset trend. Women today are deep in a trend called ‘waist training’ lead by these celebrities. Can I lose weight by wearing a corset? That’s a good question, but the simple answer is, IT DOES NOT. The waist trainer can’t magically melt your fat in an instance. If we change to another question, the answer will be different. Can the corset help in losing weight? The answer will definitely yes.


Fat is only lost when your energy expenditure exceeds your energy intake, so you consume fewer calories than you burn, which we could say that fat can only be burned through our own internal heat. In that case, we could say that wearing a corset can lose your weight directly. However, we have to admit that wearing the corset will be helpful in losing your weight. If you are looking to lose weight and shrink waist with a corset in a healthy and effective manner, consider to combine the waist training with healthy eating and exercise.


For one side, the corset serves as a reminder to eat less. Wearing a waist trainer can help to reduce your appetite, amount you eat at meal times and less hunger, so it reduces your calorie intake. If you are the one who can’t control yourself in eating, the waist trainer may be your helpful tool to restrict the stomach and make it impossible to overeat. For the other side, the corset during the waist trainer will show its effectiveness in reducing the size of your waist and enhance the shape. Fat is not bad thing, but it has to be on the good position on your body. After getting information above and you still would like to proceed from here, please check the following basic rule for having and enjoying your safer and more comfortable waist training process.


Listen to your body

Putting on a fitting garment is a plausible way to stop mindless eating, but we also need to pay extra attention to its daily usage. Whenever you feel uncomfortable with your waist trainer, loose it and take if off completely. An uncomfortable garment is not the magic way you need to lose excess belly fat. Use safe and sane practices anytime you wear a waist trainer is the key rule for the waist training. Take your time getting the trainer down tighter ... don’t push your body.


Change your eating habits

Even though wearing the corset is helpful in significantly reduce your craving for food, so reduce the calorie intake. Change your eating habits into a healthy way is a long-term effective way. Eliminate extra calories, like snack foods, sugary sweets, soda, etc. Instead, find more healthy food such as lean meats, fish, and whole grains. It will be much effective to conduct your diet supervised by an expert according to your actual situation.