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Membership Update

Burvogue's Members include General Member , VIP Member and SVIP Member .

1. How to become general member?

Once register our website, you become general member. Go now!

2.How to become our VIP Member ?

After the registration, you will receive an email from our website. We need to verify the submitted information and the registered email address for the sake of security. Please check your mailbox and click the link for updating to be VIP Member. Then you can check & enjoy our VIP prices and place orders on line. Go now!

3. How to update to SVIP member?

The SVIP can enjoy more discount and lower price than VIP member. If you place order and reach the following request, you can supply to become our SVIP member.

A: Single order amount(Not contain the freight) exceed USD1000;

B: The orders amount of three months exceed USD2000 (Not include the freight);

Please send an email to awo@burvogue.com after you conform our requests.

*After to be our SVIP members, in the following each three months, if your total amount not reach USD2000, you will back to VIP member, and can not enjoy the SVIP discount and other service.