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What Makes Butt-Lifting Shorts Jeans — Burvogue

Women hole denim shorts is good quality and the new style is very fashion. Made from stretch cotton denim in a versatile dark wash.  High waist denim shorts keep you comfortable while you rock your amazing curves!

Strategically cut, it covers your hips and smooths bulges for flawless curves. Skinny butt lifting jeans from Burvogue Online to fit your personal style.

Small, angled pockets

This is a simple detail that goes a long way. When you have smaller pockets sitting on the fullest part, the natural curves of your butt are going to look bigger, naturally. And when they're angled slightly inward, they create an illusion of fullness. The pockets on regular jeans can actually contribute to your bottom looking flat or saggy – who needs that?

Stretch cotton denim

For a truly sexy look, your jeans should cling to your rear. It doesn't work well with heavy denim, nor is it very comfortable. Stretch denim hugs your butt and emphasizes your curves, while allowing more free movement.

Flashy detailing

Tasteful studs, strategically placed stitching and other embellishments help draw attention to the most flattering places on the upper part of your butt. These accents make the jeans chic and on-trend, but they also help to flatter your fanny.