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Is there a bra suitable for sports and post surgery?

Nowadays, doing sports is the hottest fashion trend. Women like to do a variety of exercises, such as running, dancing or yoga. No matter what kind of sports, the daily exercise can make you healthy and build up your perfect body shape. Do you like doing sports? If so,

as a sports fans, you definitely need a useful sports bra.

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Compared to the concept of ordinary bra, we are still facing a lot of confusions towards to the sports bra. The first commercially available sports bra was the "Free Swing Tennis Bra" introduced by Glamorise Foundations, Inc. in 1975. From 1975 to until now, more and more companies are investing in the design and manufacture of sports bra and the design of sports bra is continuously modifying under the guidance of expertise. What’s the difference between ordinary bra and the sports bra? We could answer this question by clarifying three biggest benefits of wearing sports bra. Firstly, it could minimize the movement of your breast effectively on the running or playing any kind of exercises. Secondly, it shows big advantage in maintaining the breast shape, otherwise, it will stretch skin and may lead to the saggy of breasts. Then, a good sports bra allows for air calculation and keep you cool. In general, a good sports bra could provide both protection and support to your breasts.

However, how to choose an adequate sports bra among all these brands? Let’s take our Burvogue post-surgery brassiere front closure sports bra as an example. The Burvogue post-surgery brassiere front closure sports bra is designed in the band-like compression-style, which could not only hold the breasts tightly to your chest but also protect the chest from vibration and prevent the chest from being too large and cause inconvenience when doing sports. The adjustable three front closure hook make it also well-suited for small to medium-sized breasts. In addition to anti-vibration, the Burvogue sports bra is made of 90% Polyester, 5% Cotton, 5% Elastane, allowing better breathability, comfort and sweat absorption. It will be ideal choice for fans of gym and fitness center.

Plus, special attention has been paid to the materials and design of Burvogue sports bra, so it can also work as a perfect post-surgery wearing bra. Regarding the materials, the adopted soft skin-friendly fabric is more comfortable than the ordinary bra, without irritating your skin and incisions. The wide elastic band under the burst will prevent vibration for post operation recovery and the cotton lining provides more comforts to your skin. The design is also optimized for satisfying the post-surgery needs. These 3 hook front closures are designed to helps you wear on or off easily when you have a breast surgery. The adjustable straps provide the post-surgical support you need and the criss-cross back support is engineered to boost posture and reduce back pain. Women post-surgery brassiere gives you a breast breath and provides a soft protect for your breast.